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Be an Urban Informatics Reseller

See how Urban Informatics is the centerpiece of the most innovative business models.

Applications that are hungry for traffic-data are using Urban Informatics Metro Traffic Engine to provide users valuable information as a subscription or one-time app purchase.

Enterprises like malls, restaurants and coffee shops to fleet managers with proprietary data and entrepreneurs building the devices and applications that use data to be resold to their customers. Urban Informatics Metro Traffic Engine never sleeps – morning, noon and night.

Morning Coffee Express: Enterprises can sell geo-targeted Urban Informatics data around their business area to resell to applications and OEMs.

A popular coffee shop chain could geo-target traffic conditions around its locations and stream constant up-to-the-second drive-through stats for all its locations. This data would make the center of an application that would very valuable to commuters looking for that morning coffee.

Afternoon Shopping: It’s mid-day and you’re going to the mall, Urban Informatics traffic data isn’t just for the road, we’re tracking foot traffic inside stores and shopping malls – anywhere you can get a wireless signal. Our data can be aggregated to inform potential shoppers where the crowds are, where they’re likely to find easy-access parking and mass transit to the shopping centers.

Night Driving Fleets: Fleet Enterprises are always on the go! They need the latest traffic information to make informed choices to move efficiently through populated urban areas. Dispatchers and drivers alike need up-to-the-minute traffic data to pass up the competition.

Find out how Urban Informatics innovative approach to live-traffic data can help your Enterprise, fleet or OEM flourish.