UI Case Studies

How Urban Informatics is helping business grow in the city.

  • OEMs In need of live-traffic, direction and driver services for in-car and mobile systems.
  • Planners in need of human-migration reports to build a more efficient city on the move.
  • App developers that need a low-cost alternative to GPS for all manner of localized, mobile data.
  • Advertisers that demand a competitive edge with traffic and demographic reports on relevant traffic.

All of these sample case studies benefit from Urban Informatics data in unique ways. Using our innovative Metro Traffic Engine we’re helping city planners build greener, more efficient living space for people. We’re helping advertisers get more from their ad-spend dollar. We’re helping OEMs and app developers by providing low-cost, efficient solutions.

We’re doing it all by providing greater accuracy and scalability than urban-traffic enumeration systems with much higher overhead and maintenance costs.