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What sets Urban Informatics apart – the Metro Traffic Engine

Urban Informatics’ (UI) patented technology behind its Metro Traffic Engine (MTE) can instantly analyze traffic quantity and road speeds – standard information for live-traffic reports. But our MTE digs even deeper and can create reports on traffic patterns and can even provide statistical and demographic information about the traffic from any given time.

We can provide more information than regular traffic reports the MTE anonymously monitors the locations of mobile phones using network measurement reports (NMRs) that are already present in mobile phone networks.

Our proprietary positioning system manages and delivers that data instantly to any third party. We can use this patented traffic platform in a centralized data center or spread it through a wireless operator’s network. The result is an accurate, cost effective traffic monitoring system of unparalleled speed because we’re monitoring data that’s already there.

This gives Urban Informatics the advantage of instant traffic data without the cost and overhead of separate apps and costly street-level hardware tallying traffic numbers.

Major traffic monitoring systems use costly hardware transponder tags at regular intervals along a highway. Google Traffic relies on its mobile app being used on smartphones to act as a traffic-probe.

Urban Informatics uses a more cost-effective and universally representative probe – real wireless network traffic for a more accurate, instant representation of traffic in any given location.